Ejaz Qamar


Sr. Systems Engineer


UNIX Administration/Architecture and E &P Applications Deployment/Support position in a dynamic environment applying cutting-edge technology and offering opportunity for innovation, versatility, further skills development and career development.

Professional Experiences

Sr. Systems Engineer

Al-Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)

Since June 2008
Al-Khafji - Saudi Arabia

Sr. Systems & Information Management Engineer


From July 2006 Till April 2008
Al-Khobar - Saudi Arabia

Data Management (Oilfield related)
Implanted Seismic Data Management   solution at KJO, Saudi Arabia in which I installed and configured the ProSource Suite (SIS, SLB product); the integral parts of this state of the art technology are LDAP, Tomcat Web Services, OpenSpirit, arcSDE Oracle, and SIS applications like eSearch for Physical Assert Management.

Professionally trained in backup, restore procedures and techniques for Windows and UNIX based setups.
Commissioned Disaster Recovery and business continuity plans at all client locations and in-house by using Veritas and Legato applications in addition to self created shell scripts with library storage as well as standard storage solutions.
Restored and backup of Oracle database for all setups through self created auto-scripts on daily basis in all client and in house Schlumberger
Hands on experience with disaster recovery techniques to recover mission critical data at Premier Oil Company, Pakistan

Sr. Systems Engineer


From November 2001 Till June 2006
Al-Khobar - Saudi Arabia

Application Support and System Administration
Installed, Configured, Commissioned and Troubleshooting of Schlumberger (SIS) and Halliburton (Landmark)  Applications(Interpretation, Simulation and Asset management applications) running on Solaris, RedHat, AIX and  Windows operating platform at in-house and client locations.
Mentored Solaris to at least forty five clients and fellow team members and reduced at least 50% of client's support calls.
Administered and Implemented Web and Directory Services as a part of authentication and web based application access for two major Oil & Gas companies.
Adopted NIS, NIS+ and LDAP techniques client/server based solutions and because of LDAP we were leader in solution providers to Oil industry with at least 20% gain in business.
Implemented solution for G&G user to transfer GeoFrame data to Petrel and vice versa by using OpenSpirit
Administrated DNS and Post Office and MS Exchange for mail services to Schlumberger Pakistan
Administered Oracle, MS SQL Server and MS Access as a back-end databases
Commissioned and Administered Hardware and E&P applications inside at National Oil Company of Pakistan (OGDCL) and in-house. Further in Saudi Arabia commissioned and deployed hardware and SIS software in IOCs (International Oil companies – LUKSAR, EniRepSa and Sano Saudi Gas), KJO (Khafji Joint Operation) and ARAMCO.
Hardware upgraded of one of the ISP (Alo2Net) VodaTel Riyadh
Implementation of InterACT (Real Time Data Delivery from Well site) in Saudi ARAMCO and KJO, Khafji.
Implemented and Managed Network printing through latest ZehPlot software and reduced 80% of support calls.
Scheduled preventive maintenance at all in-house and client locations and reduced hardware failure by 99%.

Sr. Systems Engineer


From October 1999 Till October 2001
Islamabad - Pakistan

Systems Manager

Informatics Complex

From November 1998 Till September 1999
Islamabad - Pakistan

Systems Engineer

Informatics Complex

From May 1994 Till October 1998
Islamabad - Pakistan

Network Administration

Designed and implemented network of 200 PCs, 5 SUN servers and 20 SUN workstations with load balancing at Informatics Complex and improved 25% network efficiency from previous setup.

Designed and implemented network of a full scope industrial simulator by using concept of thick media available at that time with consideration of low resonance effects with 3 servers and 20 workstations

Professionally trained to administer mission critical networks and client/server environment and exercised this knowledge at all locations running with Schlumberger applications in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for better performance.


System Performance Management

Used performance monitoring tools at system and software development experience at applications level and tuned up operating system, applications running and databases and improved throughput of more than 10%

Figured out the bottle necks in the systems, operating system level to network, and done corrective measures..

Distributed the applications and services to different low end servers and utilized the existed available hardware resources and reduced the overall cost of ownership of new hardware.

Educational Background

Master of Sysmtes Engineering (M.E.)

Quaid-e-Azam University

May 1994
Islamabad - Pakistan

Master of Applied Maths & Computer (M.Sc.)

Government College University, Lahore

September 1991
Lahore - Pakistan

Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.)


July 1988
Lahore - Pakistan

Higher Secondary School Certificate(HSSC)

High school

June 1986
Gojra - Pakistan

Secondary School Certificate(SSC)


March 1984
Gojra - Pakistan


Technical Skills

Personality - Keen problem-solver, good troubleshooter especially in System, innovative and versatile, team-player, able to work without supervision, willing to acquire new skills and mentor others. I am also able to prioritize and supervise.

Major - Sun Entry to Mid Range Hardware, Sun Solaris, Linux,  Scripting, LDAP, IBM/Intel Compatible Hardware
Platforms - SunOS, Solaris, Redhat Linux, Windows
Technologies - TCP/IP, NFS, NIS/NIS+, DNS, LDAP, X-Windows, Veritas NetBackup, Legato Networker, MS Office, Shell-Scripting, Jump-start, RAID, Web Servers and LDAP Server, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Perl, Java, PHP, C/C++, Visual C and Visual Basic
Hardware - Sun Workstations SS10 to SB2K, E3000/5500/6500, Sun Fire V480/3800/4800/6900, StoreEdge from HP, IBM and Sun, Sun StorEdge Tape Libraries, Intel Compatible, Dell PE6600, HP systems, Cisco 2500/2600 routers, Cisco Switch, HP printers/Large format  plotters, Xerox Phaser printers and others
G&G and IM Applications -  ProSource, eSearch, GeoFrame, Petrel, LogDB, Finder, Eclipse, OpenWell, OpenWorks, OpenSpirit, arcGIS suites and many more



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